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contemporary art discovery

La Conciergerie Studio it’s art tours proposals, meetings, lunches.

For art lovers who discover the Parisian art scene, we offer tours that allow them to identify the most important galleries in Paris. Unavoidable, the emerging artists, high places of contemporary art, new places as well as restaurants, shopping spots… all the things that makes Paris a capital where softness and lifestyle are always topical subjects.

Lunches or dinners
Regularly talked about in the media (newspapers and television), contemporary art attracts more and more numerous people.
Paradoxically, the public attending exhibitions contemporary art fairs and international places, remains mostly misinformed, and hardly find the red thread that connects the art of today the history of art through what he sees This link is yet constantly, even when it is not highlighted.
Most living artists interact with the story and their predecessors sometimes centuries apart ...
Taking the example of the current exhibitions "the meeting studio debates" intend to show how in his creative process, an artist can incorporate the history and purpose of a place.

Sculptures, installations , photographs, films ... Technologies "high tech" technical or forgotten ...